The Tandur Story:
“Flame-Crafted Flavor” from the Tandur Oven

Tandur Indian Kitchen opens this Fall 2016 on Bearden Hill in Knoxville. It is a feast for all the senses — an adventure in flavors, aroma, colors, textures, culture, and the satisfaction of eating well…

The Founders:
The Patel Brothers

After owning many franchise restaurants over the past decade, the Patel brothers decided it was time to indulge their true passion and create a place of their own…

The Chef:
Hari Nayak

Chef Hari Nayak recently earned the distinction of pioneering the next generation of Indian cooking. It has been said that his new, modern outlook on Indian cuisine has created a bit of a sensation in North America…

India 101:
The Culture and Cuisine

The Finer Side of Indian cuisine encompasses many diverse regions. It is a country of 40 languages, 1600 dialects, and 29 states each with its own style of food. Indian food makes up less than two percent of the ethnic food market in the United States. Yet, it has had the fastest growth rate, particularly in large cities where there has been a noted shift in the way Indian food is served and perceived…

Why Tandur is the Next Big Thing

The Finer Side of Fast Casual.The term “fast casual” was coined in the 1990s and fast casual is still the hot growth segment with more concepts on the scene each year. Restaurants like Panera were early leaders in the Fast Casual movement…

The Spice of Life!
Indian is Food with Benefits

The Finer Side of It’s official. Many of the spices and ingredients that make Indian food taste so good are also good for you. Recent studies may prove what many have long believed: Indian food makes you feel good!…

Important questions about health, happiness, and the meaning of Tandur

Where did the name Tandur come from? What does it mean?
The Tandur is the clay oven and cooking technique that gives Indian food a yummy texture and seals in the flavors of the spices. Ours was made for us in England…